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Over the years DAPPA's atrticles have been published in dozens of dedicated aviation magazines from all over the world, like Koku-Fan (Japan), Ptisi (Greece), Forca Aerea (Brazil), Pacific Wings (New-Zealand), Siivet (Finland), Vayu (India), Combat Aircraft (USA) and many more. A small selection of these articles can be seen below, and is just a tip of the iceberg.

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Besides writing comprehensive articles DAPPA also provides photos to book writers. So far DAPPA has contributed photographic material to ten books, with the most eye catching being the four volumes of Sowjetische Fliegerkrafte Deutchland 1945 - 1994, written by Lutz Freund.


For more information about DAPPA, this website, the articles, the photos and the team, you can contact us by email at info@dappa.nl.