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  Baltic Air Policing - Since 2003 NATO has been patrolling the skies over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in order to provide safety and security. Polish AF MiG-29's from Malbork deployed to Siauliai AB and took up this job for four months.
  Esercito Italiano - The Italian Army plays a significant role in global peace missions. But before the pilots an crew are ready to be deployed, they are trained and prepared for all kind of missions at the army aviation school in Viterbo
  Fighting over Chile - Exercise Salitre is the largest international air defence exercise in Chile, where units from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France and the United States cooperate to defend friendly airspace against rebel air attacks.
  Lithuanian Borderguard - Former Soviet Union state Lithuania gained independence in 1992 and joined the European Union ten years later. This drastic change required new border policies, enforced with brandnew helicopters supplied by the EU.
  Spain's Flying Armada - Spanish Harriers and helicopters operating from the flightdeck of Spanish aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias, while sailing the Mediterranean Sea during a large scale Spanish-Italian exercise.
  Swedish Dinosaurs - The remarkably shaped SAAB Viggen was designed, buit and operated in Sweden and formed the backbone of Sweden's Air Defence for thirty years. In 2005 Lulea was the last airbase to operate this beautiful flying legend.
  Intercepting Red Stars - With Belarus and Kaliningrad as direct neighbours, many "Red Stars" pass Lithuania at close distance. German Eurofighters from the permanent NATO detachment intercepted an A-50 Mainstay during our presence.
  Classic Props - Dutch aviation museum Aviodrome at Lelystad is home to a variety of old aircraft. Every now and then it organizes a flying event for classic aircraft, bringing together a variety of roaring, spinning and smoking beauties.
  Hellenic Naval Choppers - Kotroni is home to the entire Hellenic naval aviation division. A mix of S-70 Aegean Hawks, SA-316 Alouette III's and AB212 Hueys circles this airbase, which is located on top of a small mountain.
  Baltic Buzzers - French Mirage 2000C's from Cambrai have been patrolling the skies over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to take care of air policing tasks. A specially marked "buzzer" joined the detachment at Siauliai airbase in Lithuania.
  Brazilian Deltas - Just before the old Mirage III's were replaced by newer Mirage 2000C's, DAPPA visited Anapolis to report on the South American beauties of the Amazon. This resulted in an exciting day-and-night photoshoot.
  When the water comes - With the world's atmosphere heating up and the polar ice caps melting, water can become a major problem. Especially when it comes in floods! This situation provided the scenario for emergency exercise FloodEx 2009.
  Phabulous Phantoms - Germany is the last country in western Europe to operate the F-4 Phantom as a frontline fighter, but numbers are decreasing rapidly now that the Eurofighter is being introduced in a rapid pace.
  Friendly Agressors - Professional training for conflicts requires dedicated opponents which can simulate enemy tactics. The US Marine Corps operates F-5's in exotic colours with pilots who know how to fight like the suspected enemy does.

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